The Circular Raw Materials Research Infrastructure, RAMI – hosted by a consortium that includes Aalto University, the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and VTT Technical Research Centre – supports multidisciplinary research, high-level education and the needs of company users. This combined RAMI infrastructure, based on longstanding high-level scientific competence coupled with a dynamic academic atmosphere, consolidates Finland’s position as a global leader in the areas of circular economy related to natural, cutting-edge inorganic materials and sustainable energy solutions. The RAMI infrastructure is one of the high-level infrastructures on Finland’s national research infrastructure roadmap.

The various components within RAMI provide the foundations for a holistic approach towards the whole materials value chain that encompass primary production and new materials through to product design and reuse/recycling. Our key focus areas include: (i) Knowledge-driven circular economy, (ii) Towards sustainable processing, and (iii) Materials for renewable energy.

RAMI strengthens openness and collaboration at national, European and International levels, which is symbolized by the partners’ inauguration of the Circular Raw Materials Hub in March 2020. This unique and ground-breaking collaboration, together with EIT Raw Materials infrastructure platform, provides excellent infrastructure opportunities for all members of the related research community.

More details are available here and please make contact for more information related to our laboratories in Aalto, GTK and VTT.