RAMI  –  Raw Materials Research Infrastructure

RAMI is a national, joint research infrastructure hosted by Aalto, GTK and VTT. Its target is to strengthen the long-term core expertise in Otaniemi, and to place Finland among the strong actors in natural and new inorganic material research needed in the circular economy. Our vision is to be a key open infrastructure platform, offering strategic research excellence in inorganic circular raw materials engineering, for global sustainable future.

At VTT our main focus areas in RAMI infrastructure are hydrometallurgy, biohydrometallurgy, mechanical separation, powder metallurgy, computational material modelling VTT ProperTune® and additive manufacturing services. All these services are connected closely to each other and they cover the whole lifecycle of products from raw materials to recycling/reuse with sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment, and profound knowledge.